Camel Jockey – Photo #2

Camel Jockey

Photo #2 comes from the collection of photographs taken in March of this year at the Camel Races.  Not having seen a camel since arriving in Qatar over a year ago, we were curious and made a day trip in to the desert to find the race track and lay our eyes on a camel or two.

When we arrived we were delighted to see hundreds of camels being exercised by men like this.  He reminds me of the images from the book Arabian Sands by Wilfred Thesiger.

These men exercise hundreds of camels day after day.  Their skin is weathered by the desert sun and sand, but each of them greeted us with a smile and sat tall on their camel when they passed the camera.  I will have more images from that day in future posts.

I hope you enjoy the photograph.


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Just sharing images I've taken that I think are worth sharing, and a little of the story behind them. What is a photo worth if you don't know why it was taken.
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