St Peter’s Basilica – Photo #4

Today’s post is an image I took in 2010 in the Dome of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome.  I had the good fortune of attending a conference in Rome, having ended a day before I was scheduled to travel home from Rome, I had enough time to take the Metro to the Vatican and make a quick tour of Vatican City.  The Vatican is a magnet in Rome to me.

At St. Peters you can take several tours to see crypts of deceased Popes, around the nave, or climb to the top of the dome.  I decided to take the climb to the top – 320 steps. Now, keep in mind for 7 Euros you can take the elevator most of the way, or for 6 Euros you can take the steps.  Being the cheap… that I am you know I walked every one of those steps.

About the time you are ready to give up you find yourself in the dome above the main altar.  There are beautiful mosaics in the dome.  Of the snapshots I took from up there this one is a favorite.  It is also an example of the best camera you have is the one you have with you – this was taken with my iPhone.

The dome is about 200 steps into the 320.  You have no choice but continue on to the roof.  What a magnificent place.

I hope you enjoy the picture.


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Just sharing images I've taken that I think are worth sharing, and a little of the story behind them. What is a photo worth if you don't know why it was taken.
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