Watching it snow – Photo #16


Photo 16 comes from a collection of backyard photographs taken at our home in Maryland.

Watching a snow storm can be the most captivating experience.

When our boys were young and in school, they would constantly look out the window during a snow storm and wonder how much snow would we get.

Would they have school the next day, can we go out and play.

Sometimes we would just sit and watch the snow fall and sense the serenity.

In our backyard in Maryland I saw this little guy doing the same thing I was doing – watching it snow.

I wonder what he was thinking, or was he just enjoying the serenity?

I hope you like the photo.


About Jerry Harrison's Photo blog

Just sharing images I've taken that I think are worth sharing, and a little of the story behind them. What is a photo worth if you don't know why it was taken.
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