Let the in the light…Photo 22

22_The Light of God

Photo #22 comes from a trip to Istanbul, Turkey.

Windows always catch my attention.  Whenever I look at one, I usually find something of interest.

In August of 2012, my son and I were in Istanbul, Turkey for a few days and spent some time touring the ancient attractions.

On this day we discovered the Blue, or Sultan Ahmed, Mosque.  It is a beautiful facility, well worn with years of worshippers and tourists passing through.

On this day in front of the crowd of visitors and tourists these three me sat in front of these immense windows to study the writings of the prophet.

How small they look in comparison to the windows.

I hope you enjoy the photo.


About Jerry Harrison's Photo blog

Just sharing images I've taken that I think are worth sharing, and a little of the story behind them. What is a photo worth if you don't know why it was taken.
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