Don’t be afraid to be an odd bird…Photo 27

100 Favorites-7

Photo 27 was taken several years ago during a family vacation to the Dominican Republic.

I love taking pictures like this.

There is something about patterns in displays that catch my eye, but it isn’t until later that I see what really caught my eye.

This vendor had several wooden pink flamingo statues for sale, every row has one or two birds that don’t match the others – odd birds.

Gotta love those odd birds.  They stand out and get noticed from the crowd.

I have noticed the same in life.  It is the odd birds that stand out and get noticed.

Don’t afraid to be different.  Not only will you get noticed, you’ll be rewarded.

I like this photo.  I hope you like it too.


About Jerry Harrison's Photo blog

Just sharing images I've taken that I think are worth sharing, and a little of the story behind them. What is a photo worth if you don't know why it was taken.
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