Winter wonder land – Photo #17

17_Quebec_snowPhoto #17 comes from a visit I made with my son’s High School French class to Quebec City, Quebec.

I was told that Quebec is a winter city.

I’ve never been to Quebec since this visit, but having been there in the winter, I cannot imagine how it could be this beautiful without the snow.

This row of shops with the road covered with snow beaten down by shoppers and the beauty of the rich bright colors against the white snow makes me want to return.

I loved visiting this city and hope I get a chance to return…in the winter

I hope you enjoy the photo.

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Watching it snow – Photo #16


Photo 16 comes from a collection of backyard photographs taken at our home in Maryland.

Watching a snow storm can be the most captivating experience.

When our boys were young and in school, they would constantly look out the window during a snow storm and wonder how much snow would we get.

Would they have school the next day, can we go out and play.

Sometimes we would just sit and watch the snow fall and sense the serenity.

In our backyard in Maryland I saw this little guy doing the same thing I was doing – watching it snow.

I wonder what he was thinking, or was he just enjoying the serenity?

I hope you like the photo.

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Merry Christmas… Photo#15


New York City is never more beautiful than at this time of year.

One of my favorite sites is the tree at Rockefeller Center.

It is a small area, and very crowded when the tree is up, but it is a magical site.

No matter how many times I’ve been to see the tree, I look forward to seeing again soon.

I hope you enjoy the tree as much as I do.

Merry Christmas.

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Believe… Photo #14


Tis the season to Believe, believe in the magic of Christmas, believe that all things are possible now and at all times.

Macy’s has used this as their tag line for the Christmas season.

I can’t think of any other word that captures the season and the importance of this time of year.

Believe in the baby Jesus, believe in the meaning of Christmas.

I love this photo because it brings the feeling of Christmas to me.

I hope you enjoy it.

Merry Christmas.

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100 Bottles of Beer on the Wall… Photo #13


100 Bottles of Beer on the wall, 100 bottles of beer….

I can’t imagine how many times I sang that song on scout outings and other times as a kid to kill the boredom.

I always tried to imagine what 100 bottles on the wall would look like.

Two years ago we went as a family on a tour of Ireland to celebrate my son’s graduation from college.

On our last full day in Ireland we toured the Guinness Storehouse at St. James Gate in Dublin.

Well it is the remains of the old factory with staged items of equipment and process to replicate how beer is brewed.

The best part was the pint at the end of the tour.

Now we know what a 100 bottles of beer on the wall look like.

For full disclosure, I have to give credit for this photo to my wife, Cathy.  It is still one of my 100 favorites.

I hope you enjoy the photo.


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1000’s of Beautiful Girls – Photo #12

New Orleans, LA.

Photo #12 comes from a collection of pictures taken on Bourbon Street in New Orleans.

Every time I see this picture it puts a smile on my face.

I have to admit that over two visits, New Orleans has become one of my favorite places, possibly the favorite.

When you say you really like something, a friend of mine will always ask – would you get it (do it, go there) again, and I’d have to say in the case of New Orleans – HELL YEAH!

There is a belief that New Orleans is about the food and entertainment.  If you go for any other reason you will be sorely disappointed.

I am a believer.

You go to eat and take in the entertainment, whether it is a street performer or in a club.  There is good food and entertainment around every corner.

There will be a few more pictures from this great city in future posts.  I hope this one puts a smile on your face.

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God and football – Photo #11

When the referee stands over the football to indicate the ball is ready for play he has his arms out.

In this photo, taken at a Dickinson Football Game, the shadow that is cast by this referee looks like the image of the Risen Christ in Contemporary Catholic churches.

Some, many actually, consider football a religion.

When I look at this photo I’m convinced that even God watches the game…

I hope you enjoy the photo.

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Window and Ivy at Windsor Castle – Photo #10

The summer home of Queen Elizabeth is Windsor Castle.

After touring the grounds in September of 2011, I can understand why.  It is a beautiful escape from London.

It was built in the 11th Century and has been expanded over the centuries.  The castle is rich in history, art collections and gardens.

There is something about ivy crawling up the wall of the castle that punctuates its 1000 year history.

I hope you enjoy the photograph.

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Finding a quiet place to rest and reflect – Photo #9

Photo #9 comes from one of my favorite places, Longwood Gardens in Kennet Square, PA.

There isn’t much to say about the place, except everywhere you look there is beauty.  As a photographer the amount of “material” is overwhelming.  As I walked around the garden taking it all in, I sat for a moment to rest.

In front of me in a hidden corner of the Pierce du Pont House this solitary chair was waiting for someone to come along and take a break.

Doesn’t it look inviting?

I hope you enjoy the photo.

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Where have the old coffee pots gone – Photo #8

In the Arab world there are a few unique objects that are traditional Arabic – coffee pot and incense pot are two that come to mind.  One that is typically seen as statues in major cities is the coffee pot.

In traditional settings, before meetings with Arabs and during celebrations Arabic coffee is served before the meeting or celebration begins.  It is a process and takes some time.  No sense in trying to hurry it along.

Passing through Souq Waqif in Doha one day we came across an antique (junk) dealer and here we found this collection of old and corroded coffee pots.  It symbolizes for me the hundreds of years of tradition in the Arab world that all the oil and gas money in the world won’t change.

I hope you enjoy the picture.

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